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Now Plating creates seasonal, fresh, homemade meals. They range from modern classics, such as Thai-Style Halibut or Bayou Chicken Linguine, to comfort foods like Chicken Marsala or Swedish Meatballs. We cook American favorites to dishes with influences from Mexico, Thailand, India, Greece, China, and beyond. Your palate will never be bored.

Now Plating also offers various soups, salads, baked goods, and desserts.

Our meals begin at $18.00 per meal, and can exceed $30.00 per meal.  We also offer many soups, salads, desserts and baked goods.
All of our meals are delivered chilled. All you need to do is warm them.
No, you do not. Our Gourmet Chauffeur will pack your meals in the cooler you provide, or in a single-use cooler bag ($5 per bag). When the temperature is warmer outside we will leave ice packs to keep your meals cold.
In order to qualify for delivery you must meet minimum order requirements:

0-5 miles a $100.00 minimum order

6-10 miles a $150.00 minimum order

11-15 miles a $200.00 minimum order

16-25 miles a $300.00 minimum order

26-39 miles a $400.00 minimum order

40-50 miles a $500.00 minimum order

Our delivery fee is just $1.00 per mile and is determined by Google Maps from our kitchen to your doorstep (rounded to the nearest mile).
You have the option to pick up your order from the Now Plating kitchen.

When you register with Now Plating we will determine the best delivery day for you. That day of the week will be your set delivery day for all future orders. Deliveries are made between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm Monday through Friday. You will receive a text when your meals have been delivered.

If you want to change your delivery date, please contact us.

Orders must be picked up between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm on your scheduled cook day.
Meals are packaged in single-serve containers. If you prefer two-serving or family-sized containers, please make note in your order and we will accommodate. Our packaging is oven-safe, microwavable and disposable. They are manufactured in the USA, environmentally safe, recyclable, and are BPA- and PVC-free.
Most meals are fully cooked and ready for you to warm. Some meals, such as fish, burgers and pasta, require minimal preparation. We believe that for best results you should grill some meals, such as steak, at home for ultimate deliciousness.
All meals are labeled with simple, detailed warming instructions.
Yes, Now Plating does offer several vegetarian options. You can find our vegetarian selections under our “meatless” section.
The Now Plating kitchen contains various dairy, gluten, and nut products. If you have any questions regarding a dish please feel welcome to contact us.
Now Plating does not customize its meals. Our sister companyThe Wandering Gourmet has been creating customs meals for families and individuals for over 14 years. They also deliver right to your refrigerator. Contact The Wandering Gourmet set up a consultation today.

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